Hello, My name is Mackinze Kennedy!

I am a licensed massage therapist and certified reflexologist from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I grew up continually inspired by my family who were always practicing healing arts and holistic lifestyles. I knew in my heart from a very young age that I was meant to have a career in helping others and exploring health and wellness. I graduated from Carlson College of Massage Therapy and continued on to complete extensive training in Medical Massage and Reflexology. I have practiced massage therapy in many different settings around the states of Iowa and Colorado since 2010.

My diverse professional experience along with my education and my ever-present passion for helping others has allowed me to create a very distinct blend of techniques. I am here to support you in creating positive change and healing in your life.

My massage therapy treatments are very unique. Each visit you will receive an individualized blend of Swedish and deep tissue/neuromuscular techniques implemented especially for your individual needs. I enhance each treatment with energy work and essential oil aroma therapy to make it enjoyable, relaxing and very effective. Another method of healing that I use that is beneficial for anyone dealing with illness, pain, or interested in enhancing their overall wellness is reflexology. This specialized modality involves applying pressure to and stimulating the reflex points of the body located on the feet, hands and outer ears. I believe self care is imperative to maintain your well-being; to complete the experience, you'll leave our treatments with a technique or two to take the healing home with you.

I look forward to helping you thrive in your wellness journey! 



  • Swedish Massage

  • Focused Massage

  • Therapeutic Massage

  • Hot Stone Massage

  • Reflexology Treatment

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